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A holding company «Uralchimplast» – is the largest Russian producer of synthetic resins. The group of companies includes production facilities in Nizhniy Tagil (Sverdlovsk region), JV «Uralchimplast-Huttenes Albertus», JV «Uralchimplast-Аmdor», JV «UralMethanolGroup».

The holding specializes in manufacturing of synthetic resins, polyethylene polyamines, formalin, takes the keys at many goods markets, is the only producer of paraformaldehyde in Russia.

Uralchimplast is the supplier of chemical raw materials to many industries. The end users of the company’s products are machine-building,  woodworking and metallurgical enterprises, oil-and-gas and light industries etc.

The high technical level of production and the most part of the products are proved by TUV certificate and certified according to ISO-9001:2015 system.

Outline of the company’s work

«Uralchimplast» was founded in 1938 as «Torfochimzavod», two workshops of which – phenolic and distillation ones – served for waste treatment of gas-producer plant on peat. Phenol resins were first produced at «Uralchimplast» in the years of the Great Patriotic war. The factory continued increasing the output of chemical products in post-war years.
The construction of large-capacity phenol-consuming productions – phenol-formaldehyde and ion-exchange resins, phenoplast as well as facility for formalin production – the basic raw material for synthetic resins – started at the beginning of ´50s. Urea resins were produced for the first time.
In 1960-80-s the enterprise became one of the largest in its industry, actively cooperating with domestic facto-ries, realizing export deliveries of the products. They started production of pentaerythritol, fluoroplastic, PVC-plastic, ortho-cresol and polyformaldehyde at «Uralchimplast» at that time.

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