Quality culture

Being a leader in the industry we are dutiful to nature and society. Every day we make chemical production cleaner and safer.

The department of quality control that includes a technical-service dept. and production control dept. was created at  «Uralchimplast» in 2007.

Uralchimplast together with its customers meets challenges of current importance, aimed at development of the products quality, modification and innovations.

The holding company gives to its clients a system of after-sales service, including technical support:

- selection of the resin grade,

- adjustment of the technological cycle,

- test operation together with specialists of the enterprises-customers.

In 1995 Uralchimplast was the first among the enterprises of chemical industry to get International quality certificate for production of urea-furan, urea and phenol resins. In 2002 the enterprise turned to the new version of the system – ISО 9001 – ahead of time, in 2003 it expanded the system action by additionally certifying productions of phenol-formaldehyde resins, pulverbakelit and polyformaldehyde. The ТÜV company (Austria) audits the quality management system at the holding company «Uralchimplast» every year since 2005. Uralchimplast received the new quality certificate ISO 9001:2015 Sertifikat_TUV_NORD_PAO_Uralchimplast .

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