Being a leader in the industry we are dutiful to nature and society. Every day we make chemical production cleaner and safer.

Documents necessary for making of a supply contract:

1. Quality certificate of the manufacturer

2. Sanitary-and-epidemiologic certificate of the proposed product

3. A card with mentioning legal and actual address, bank details, shipping details, contact telephones and e-mail address

4. A letter of attorney with authorized signature of the person authorized to sign the contract, verified by the director general

5. Certificate of registration in the common Public Register of Legal Persons

6. Certificate of the legal person’s registration in rating authority

7. Information from Statregister about the undertaking (codes SIC etc.)

8. Excerpts from the Articles – besides the cover,1,2,3,4 and the last pages with minutes of stockholders’ meeting

9. A copy of the balance sheet and form #2 of the last reporting period

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